The Atlanta Underground Music Awards (A.U.M.A.)

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So, did you attend the Atlanta Underground Music Awards (A.U.M.A.) show?  Well, you know Nikke Stiletto was in the building, holding it down for BlastUrthoughts Radio!  If you’ve never heard of A.U.M.A. as an organization, they are a non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers who work in the Music Industry and are similar to BlastUrThoughts Radio in the sense that they cater to unsigned and overlooked up-and-coming artists of all kinds.  The A.U.M.A.s were held at SPACE Atlanta in Atlanta’s West End neighborhood and put on by the A.U.M.A. Founder and CEO, Katrina “K-Rock” Moore.  SPACE, which is said to be the hottest new concept in Atlanta’s nightlife, is an open warehouse style venue that comfortably accommodated all of the attendees and had several elevated VIP stage areas.

Award categories included, but were not limited to, “Artist Most Likely to Blow”, “Grind Hard Award”, “Best Band of the Year”, “Best Male/Female Hip Hop Artist”, “Best Male/Female Vocalist”, and, yes ladies and gentlemen, there was even a category for “Best Country Artist of the Year”!  Drinks and music alike were flowing as the nights events began:  Artists arriving with their entourages, media preparing to perform interviews on the red carpet, and supporting friends and family all eagerly awaiting the start of the show.   After a little bit of a delay, the AUMAs kicked off with a performance by J. J Harden, an R&B singer who, by the way, can also do an awesome a capella rendition of R. Kelly’s “Slowdance”.  You know the one.  It starts off with that classic “Heeeeey Mr. DJ!!….Why don’t you slooooow this party down?” …Yeah, that one.  And you’re singing it right now, aren’t you?  Ok, Ok, back to business…

Other performances by Legynd, ShoNuff Pimpin, Cordell Dancers, Trap Boyz Gang and more filled the night and we even got to speak with a few artists on the red carpet before the night was through.  Check out some of the audio from the event.  And be sure to remember these names you’re hearing…they just might be the next to blow!  And speaking of next to blow, if you missed the Glenwood Leylo interview, he DID win that AUMA “Grind Hard” award ….I’m just saying!

Enjoy the interviews and stay tuned for the continuation of our “State of the Music Industry” series.  You never know who we’ll be interviewing next!


Miss Mulatto

Miss Mulatto AUMA Red Carpet Interview


Syreeta Shanee

Syreeta Shanee AUMA Red Carpet Interview


*AUMA Image and audio included courtesy of the Atlanta Underground Music Awards (A.U.M.A.). 

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