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Nikke Stiletto:  I’m Nikke Stiletto and we’re here with Nephew Texas Boy and we’re going to be getting to know you today!  You’re an up and coming artist.  I know you’ve done a lot so far in your career, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Nephew Texas Boy:  Ok what up what up, its ya boy Nephew Texas Boy!  Representing that Plug Life, Brick Squad Monopoly.  I was born in Houston, TX and I was raised in ATL.  I was in the studio one night with Waka and I just came up with a song and we put OJ on it and it was a song that ended up taking off to the world.

NS:  And that’s the “I Got Dat Work” track, right?

NTB: I Got Dat Work.  Almost 9 Million strong in three days!


NS:  That’s whats up congrats on that definitely!

NTB:  Thank you, sweetie.

NS:  So how did you come up with the name Nephew Texas Boy?  I mean, obviously you’re from Houston… [Laughter]

NTB:   [Laughter]  I mean, really, when I was younger I was around all the old school big timers, all the real ballers in the street.  You know I was so young then, they used to always call me ‘nephew’.  But, they used to always call me ‘Texas Boy’ because everybody knew I was from Texas, you know what I’m saying?  And it just ended up sticking!    I was trying to come up with a rap name.  But everybody in the streets, if you’re in Atlanta, Texas, or Tennessee you know my name’s Nephew.  And [people around here] call me Texas Boy.  So it ended up coming together.  NephewTexasBoy just worked for me.

NS:  Ok so it was the logical name to go with…

How did you get started in the rap game, you know, how old were you when you first knew you were going to be in the music business?

NTB:  When did I take it serious or when did I first start rapping?

NS:  When did you first start rapping, we’ll start there.

NTB:  I first started rapping at around 10 or 11 years old.  In Texas, DJ Screw was real big and I used to try to impersonate Fat Pat and Lil Ki Ki.  And you know what I’m saying, and Scarface and UGK.  My big brother is 12 years older than I am so I was forced to listen to rap early.  But I didn’t start taking it serious until I turned 21 years old.

NS:  And what happened then?

NTB:  At that time I was running crazy in the streets and I got myself locked up and went to prison.  And the whole time I was in there I did some soul-searching and what Im about to do with my life.  And Im like ok I can rap but can I really make money off of this sh**?  And I started reading this book called “Everything You Need to Know About the Music Industry” by Donald Passmen and it kinda taught me everything about business and that’s how I first started in it.  And  by trial and error I kept bumping my  head and I finally got it right.

NS:  I have that same book so I definitely know what you’re talking about.

So how would you classify your music?

NTB: Pimp C classified my type of music a long time ago, man.  I do country rap songs.If you really wanted to find me, man, I trap rap.  You know I talk about everything out there, too!  I basically reflect everything that I lived and I’ve been through.  I came up in the trap.

NS: Ok, so you’re rapping about real life experiences, not just your experiences, but yours as well as other people you grew up with.

NTB:  Man, I don’t been through so much in life, everything I mainly talk about is within me, but you know I been to prison around a lot of other big time guys and somebody has to tell their story because some of them are never coming home.

NS:  Yeah I can understand that…some of them are sitting up there with a L.

Would you consider yourself a lyricist or a rapper or do you feel there’s a difference?

NTB:  There’s a difference in both.  A lyricist is strictly into bars.  And a rapper specializes in strictly making songs.  Most lyricists aren’t good song makers.  And most song makers aren’t good lyricists.  And I tried to go somewhere in between.  I’m not a lyricist or a rapper.  I’m just me!

NS:  Ok, so no label.  You’re just Nephew Texas Boy.

NTB:  Naw, see I own myself.  I’m signed to my own company.  But I’ve been with Waka before Waka was ever a rapper.  So I pretty much get to do whatever I want to do.  He pretty much lets me run wild and do whatever I want.

NS:  So you’re speaking of Konnected Music Group?

NTB:  Konnected Music Group was my first company.  And I ended up starting PlugLife.  PlugLife is my movement.  It’s a LLC. And I signed myself to that company.

NS:  That’s dope.  A lot fo people need to follow in your footsteps instead of always looking for that major label to sign them.  They should sign themselves.

NTB:  Yeah labels arent pumping money into anybody anymore.  Ok, they’ll take the people who have a hot song, like myself, and they’ll give them a single deal or a situation but they’re not giving any money away.  How you gonna give me $50,000 for a project?  I got that type of money on my own!  I came in the game with that sh**!

NS:  Right!

NTB:  So you can’t give me that, I don’t want it!

NS: [Laughter] I feel you!

So what’s it like working with Waka Flocka being that you’ve been with him since the very beginning.  You kinda got to see the evolution of Waka Flocka.  What’s it like working with him and being on his team?

NTB:  It’s funny seeing Waka Flocka go from, “Hey Nephew, teach me how to write a song!” to being the biggest mu*** fu*** in the world, you know what I’m saying?

NS:  Right.

NTB:  It’s funny to me because I’m sitting on stage looking at 20,000 – 30,000 people like damn all these people here to see Waka!  [Laughter] So I mean…its funny to us because we’re like man who would have ever thought Waka would be doing this!?  You usually going with us on the road!

NS:  So it’s almost like looking at a family level and now he’s on a this whole other level and ya’ll get to watch the evolution take place…

NTB:  It’s like, ok say you got French Montana in the room, T.I., Busta Rhymes; you got all these ni**** in the room.  But when Nephew walk in the room, they don’t mean sh** to Waka no more.  You see what I’m saying?  Day one ni*** just walked in the room man!  Rest in Peace, Dump!  That’s like if Dump, Day Day, Chaz and D-Bo walked in.  He like awww sh** my Day One ni**** [are] here!  See what I’m saying, it’s a difference!

NS: Yeah, Yeah definitely!

So besides Waka Flocka and OJ (da Juiceman), I see that you’ve worked with Coke Squad DJs, Fatty Cage, all these people in the past, who are you looking forward to working with in the future?

NTB:  I just talked to MJG and Eightball, Bun B…I wouldn’t mind doing a song with Plies.  I’m really trying to run through Down South, you know, pay my respects to where I’m from first.  Pastor Troy was always one of my favorite rappers all my life, you know, so just outta respect Ima do a song with Pastor.  I gotta f*** with Jeezy you know what I’m saying?  And then on top of that, I’m working with [anyone] who wants to work with me!

NS:  Right!  Business is business!

If you weren’t in the music business right now, what do you think you’d be doing?

NTB:  I would be trappin…I can’t even lie to you!  Id be trappin hard then a mu*** fu***!

NS:  Ok Ok!  We’re just gonna leave that at that! [Laughter]  So whats the next step for Nephew Texas Boy?

NTB:  My next step is to go right back and do another 10 million, I’m trying to break the nine  I’m going for 10 million and I’ma keep on pumping these singles!  I already got 9 mixtapes worth of material ready and I’m not even gonna release them yet until everybody gets familiar with Nephew Texas Boy.  Then Ima slap ‘em across the face with all nine of them!

NS:  [Laughter]  That’s dope!  So you’re really just gonna build it up and just let it rain on ‘em!

NTB:  Yeah I got another single that’s about to come out featuring me, Yung Buck, Waka and Wooh the Kid, that thang go hard!

NS:  OK!

So, tell me something about Nephew Texas Boy, what do you want the people to know about you?

NTB:  Man, I’m so down to earth, I’m not Hollywood I’m humble.  If you reach out to me I’m gonna definitely speak back to you.  I come in peace to everybody.  Like, a lot of people look at me and think ‘you’re mean as hell!’, but I’m really one of the nicest people walking around!

NS:  You seem like it, you seem real personable and I appreciate that about you.

NTB:  Look, I’ve never been to Hollywood, so I can’t ever act hollywood. I’m from the hood!

I’ll tell you like this!  Waka makes me so humble!  Man if you could see Waka walking down the street [and people screaming] ‘Ahh Waka, can I take a picture!’.  I don’t give a damn if he’s on his way to a music meeting that man is gonna stop!

NS:  That’s cool because without your fans, what are you really?

NTB:  Without your fans you ain’t sh**!

NS:  Right!  If they’re not spending the money, coming to your shows, buying your albums, I mean, really, you’re just another rapper.

So do you do community service or give to charities?

NTB:  Yep, like this year I was planning on doing a Thanksgiving Drive but I didn’t have all my ducks in a row.  So I figured for New Years we’re going to go to a lot of the homeless shelters and bring clothes and donate, but, yeah, that is something I’m gonna do.  I’m gonna start some type of non-profit just to give back to the community that I tore up.

NS:  That’s cool I definitely respect you for that. I commend you for that.  So many people don’t even look at the giving back aspect, they’re just looking at the ‘I wanna make a million dollars’ aspect.

So when can we exect the next project from you to drop?

NTB:  In two weeks, they have some DJ’s on the East and MidWest that reached out to me and I’ll be hitting people over the head with some exclusive stuff.  I mean it’s not going to be my official album but it will  be a little something just to give the people something to wet their mouth!

NS:  And do you have any shows coming up as well?

NTB: Yeah I have a few of them coming up:  Chattanooga, Knoxville, Augusta, Columbus, Birmingham, Bowling Green, KY, and Roanoke,VA this far.

NS:  Where can your fans find you via any of the social media outlets?

NTB:  You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WorldStarHipHop, Live Mixtapes; everything is ‘NephewTexasBoy’.  Or just Google me!

NS:  Well thank you for interviewing with Sui Generis Music and we look forward to having you on again in the future!

*This interview was brought to you by Nikke Stiletto, LLC and is for entertainment purposes only.*

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