New Young Talent: Rhaelon

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I’m just coming off of a pretty hectic travel schedule, but I found time to make my way up to the SCMC Music Conference in Atlanta recently.  And let me tell you, the Indie music scene is where it’s at!

There was about 30 or so of us (the host, the guest panel, media, and, of course all of the talent) crammed into a small hotel ballroom.  (I’m telling y’all it was packed in there!)  No one cared who sat next to who, we all just wanted to be in the room to converse with the industry veteran guest panel, listen to our fellow indie artists/entertainers, and network.

As we slowly shuffle to our seats and get situated, this young lady sits down next to me.  She has audacious style and an air about her that says she’s very confident and sure of herself and her abilities.  The time comes for a few select artists to perform, and the host calls her name.  I’m excited when she gets up, grabs her guitar and walks to the front of the room because I just know we’re about to hear some good music.  So I say to myself, “This young girl is going to blow everybody away!”  And from the moment she opens her mouth to sing, I can tell immediately that she is definitely blue chip talent!  That talent has a name.  And her name is Rhaelon…

Rhaelon is a 16-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and composer. Growing up in Florida, she started playing the piano at the age of three and got her first guitar when she was just eight years old.  She started producing at the age of 12 and is heavily inspired by the likes of Prince, D’Angelo, R. Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, Pharell and Brandy.  But after moving to Georgia two years ago, she became serious about her music career.  Ronnie Hudson (singer-songwriter/Producer of the West Coast Pop Lock) played bass in a band with singer Rhonda Collins, Rhaelon’s mother. One day during practice, Rhaelon came up to him and asked him if he could teach her a song on the guitar. With that, Hudson showed Rhaelon the major scale. He says, “Once you learn how to play this, you can learn how to play anything.”  This piece of advice has stuck with Rhaelon to this day.

She met her manager Kelvin Whyte, aka “Biggz”, of Whyte House Management, a couple of months ago and he signed her up to perform at the SCMC Music Conference.  She performed one of her songs called “City Lights”, just her and her acoustic guitar.   (The song was co-produced by Mr.Impossable  w/ AVlanche Productions.)  One word:  Amazing.  With such a prodigious voice, she had people in the crowd (including industry vets) vibing and singing along even after she had finished!

I managed to catch up with her after the performance, and she had this to say about performing:

“I always have this little thing.  I go through these emotions…being nervous, excited, nervous, excited.  But once I get up there, I’m holding my guitar and I’m looking at [the crowd], I feed off of them and they feed off of me.  After all that I just get really into it and I start playing this character that’s really not me.  It’s like having an out-of-body experience when you’re performing.  I was younger when Beyoncé introduced her [Sasha Fierce persona] but now I get it!  It really is something that takes over you if you’re a true performer [and] you have that passion…”.

She’s an artist who seeks out fresh ideas.  She strives to be a leader with her music, not a follower.  Ms. Rhaelon is very intelligent, has a supportive team in her family and management and she knows what she wants in this business of music.  I’ll be looking out for bigger and better things from this young lady!


Follow Rhaelon on Social Media:

Facebook: Rhaelon

Instagram: @Rhaelon

Twitter: @Rhaelon

Whyte House Management
CEO Kelvin Whyte


*This article has been brought to you courtesy of Nikke Stiletto, LLC and is for entertainment purposes only.  Image courtesy of Rhaelon and Whyte House Management.*

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