#SessionTwoReligionAndHipHop – MixTape 2

Sui Generis Continues….

#SessionTwoReligionAndHipHop #Reli157x2

What do religion and hip hop have in common?  Take a look at these images and decide for yourself which are images representing hip hop and which are images representing religion:

graffiti-religious art 1931_religious_art_bartlett_b

Religious Art OR Graffiti


Dancing  OR  Breaking

12_Hip_Hop_Concert Service Hip Hop

Church Service  OR  Hip Hop Show

robert-padovano-crowd preaching_crowd_ii

Emceeing  OR  Preaching to a Crowd

All of these images are closely related.  If you just gloss over all of these pictures, it could be difficult to tell them apart.  Both religion and hip hop provide similar outlets through which their followers/participants can use to express themselves and fellowship/gather with like-minded people.  When you really put thought into it, the lines between “religion” and Hip Hop are blurred.

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