About Sui Generis

BlastUrThoughts & Nikke Stiletto Presents:  Sui Generis Music

Sui Generis: Constituting a class alone.  Music is a form of art, created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful!  What does your music say about you?


Nikke Stiletto is a Model, Actress, and Online Radio Personality.  She is also the owner of Nikke Stiletto, LLC, an Entertainment Public Relations company.  Although she has obtained a Bachelors degree in Cybersecurity, she is currently attending the Berklee College of Music and her area of study covers artist management, music business administration, and music theory.

Ms. Stiletto has experience in theater acting with On The Road (OTR) Theater out of Baltimore, MD and, through Nikke Stiletto,LLC, has produced Nikke Stiletto’s Little Black Book (available at http://blur.by/15nj3Vz and on iTunes) and a 2013 Nikke Stiletto Calendar (http://nikkestiletto.bigcartel.com).

Nikke has been with BlastUrThoughts Online Radio since Jan 2011 and has appeared at events such as the Songwriters Composers and MCs Music Conference (SCMC) in Frederick, MD and Fallout DC where she performed interviews on performing artists and sought out new up-and-coming talent for the BlastUrThoughts Radio show.


Sui Generis (su·i ge·ne·ris; /,so͞oˌī ˈjenərəs,ˌso͞oē/)


  1. Unique; Of its own kind
  2. Constituting a class alone; peculiar

Origin: Latin

Sui Generis Music.  It is the search for unique, out of the ordinary, above average, thought-provoking, eargasmic, trail-blazing music.  It is the desire to share honest and authentic conversation with fellow music lovers on many levels.  Here at Sui generis Music, our goal is to bring you into the corners of the music industry that can sometimes get overshadowed by the mainstream media hype.  Not to say there is anything wrong with commercial music or mainstream media, but we want to show you that there is more to the music industry than what we are allowed to see on TV and hear on the radio stations.  Sui Generis is a sounding board for all the quaint, intimate, hole-in-the-wall venues with talented acts playing every night and for all the other artists, producers, composers, songwriters, managers, promotion teams , etc. who work hard every day to bring you your next new favorite song or album.  If you’re making Sui Generis Music, we want to talk to you!


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