Latino Culture: On The Rise w/ Latin É


Nikke Stiletto:  We are here with Jason Torrico, President and CEO of Latin é.  Tell us about Latin é.

Jason Torrico:  Latin é is an entertainment media production company providing original content to second and third generation Latino’s…[basically] Latino’s that are more Americanized.  [A demographic] that has been largely underserved [focus on].

NS:  OK! That’s great!  I read a recent interview you granted with Kathryn Brown from College Magazine (article link)  and in it she mentioned that Latino’s make up the largest minority group in the United States.

JT: Yes!  So, the Latin market is 1.3 trillion dollar market in the United States.

NS: Wow…

JT:  If it were a country it would be the 9th largest country in the world.  The statistic behind that is 50,000 American-born Latino’s are turning 18 every month for the next 20 years.  So it’s a huge demographic.

NS:  That’s a large audience!

JT:  Yes it is.  We did some additional research and we found that 49% of Latinos preferred their advertisements in English.  So if you start doing the math, 49% of 1.3 trillion is an over $600 billion market and that’s what we’re attracting. Continue reading


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Nikke Stiletto:  We’re here with Mike Hicks of Mike Hicks and the Funk Punc’s!  Mike Hicks is revered as one of the best in the diverse Funk and Soul music scene and international touring has lent him years of maturity that most young artists never get to experience.  He has become “the” artist to watch in Nashville.

So you KNOW I’m going to ask you about how you came up with the name the “Funk Punc’s”?  It stands for Funktional Punctuation, but how did you come up with that name?

Mike Hicks:  For me, when I create music, I’m a lyrics first [kind of] writer.  I started as a poet and I started writing songs.   And the reason I started playing was because it was hard for me to communicate to musicians what I was hearing inside my head.  So the heart of my music is lyric-based and when it comes to the band that I formed, they serve as, for me, the Punctuation to my phrases.  So its like the musical aspect denotes the connotation of whatever the phrase is…it’s really just a statement of purpose.  The band, they are the punctuation to the sentence, to the lyric. Continue reading


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Nikke Stiletto:  We’re here to shine the spotlight on PrevYou tonight!  How are you?

PrevYou:  Doing very well!

NS:  Tell me a little about yourself and how you got started in the music business.

P:  Ok well my official gov name is Paseon Jones.  And I started about 18 years ago doing music with my father.  He’s a DJ.  Right now I just do music that’s good for the soul.  I’ve been all over; as of late I was in California for a little bit.  In San Diego.  Doing music, moved back to Buffalo.  We were touring all over New York City.  It’s just a really good time in my career right now.

NS:  How did you come up with the name “PrevYou”?

P:  Me and my dad actually came up with it together.  When I first came out and started doing music for real my dad was managing me.  And how we came up with it was my dad [suggested] the name ‘Preview’ and I didn’t want to go with just the regular spelling of it.  He came up with the spelling of it and from there we just started going with the concept that everything I’m giving you is a preview of what’s to be.  At this point in my career Continue reading


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Nikke Stiletto:  I’m Nikke Stiletto and we’re here with Nephew Texas Boy and we’re going to be getting to know you today!  You’re an up and coming artist.  I know you’ve done a lot so far in your career, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Nephew Texas Boy:  Ok what up what up, its ya boy Nephew Texas Boy!  Representing that Plug Life, Brick Squad Monopoly.  I was born in Houston, TX and I was raised in ATL.  I was in the studio one night with Waka and I just came up with a song and we put OJ on it and it was a song that ended up taking off to the world.

NS:  And that’s the “I Got Dat Work” track, right?

NTB: I Got Dat Work.  Almost 9 Million strong in three days!


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Branding & Personal Image: A Necessity in the Entertainment Industry

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NS:  I’m Nikke Stiletto and we’re here with Kaity Moreira on Sui Generis Music.  And, although Ms. Moreira isn’t involved with music directly per se, well I’ll just let you tell everybody about yourself!

KM:  Well that’s fantastic!  Thank you for having me!  I’m basically a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper based in Atlanta , and not only do I work with corporations but I work with artists of different genres and pretty much anyone that needs to look good whether it’s for a photo shoot, a special event, or other event where they need to care about what they wear. [Laughter]

NS: [Laughter] Right!  Well cool. So let’s get started.  I saw on your blog or website that you were previously a yoga instructor?

KM: Yes that is correct.

NS:  I like how you mentioned on there that Yoga allows people to live their best lives possible or something to that effect.

KM:  Basically, my company is called Style Up and that’s two words, right, so “style”, which is not only fashion but also your personality, what you bring to it.  That’s style.   And then “Up” is the idea that you’re going somewhere , that there’s change and you want to be better whether it’s a better artist or have a better brand or just feel more confident when you’re out and about, and there’s a real value to that.

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State of the Music Industry – Part IV: Lloyd Davis

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Nikke Stiletto:  As you all know, I’m Nikke Stiletto and tonight we’re catching up with Lloyd Davis!  Tell everybody who you are, where you’re from, and how you do what you do….

Lloyd Davis:  Alright, well, my government name is Lloyd Davis, one of the originals, better known as Lefty Lightfoot.  I started off as a studio engineer for Def Jam, moved on to being a live sound engineer for Live Nation, and I have a sh** load of…oh wait, can I even say that? [Laughter] But yeah, I have a sh** load of multimedia experience, integrated media marketing, and I mean I just saw the transition [in the industry] and it’s all about adaptation and evolution.

NS: Speaking about adaptation and evolution [in the music industry] as far as where it’s come from to where it is now what do you feel about how the industry has evolved.

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The Atlanta Underground Music Awards (A.U.M.A.)

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So, did you attend the Atlanta Underground Music Awards (A.U.M.A.) show?  Well, you know Nikke Stiletto was in the building, holding it down for BlastUrthoughts Radio!  If you’ve never heard of A.U.M.A. as an organization, they are a non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers who work in the Music Industry and are similar to BlastUrThoughts Radio in the sense that they cater to unsigned and overlooked up-and-coming artists of all kinds.  The A.U.M.A.s Continue reading

State of the Music Industry – Part III: Glenwood Leylo

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Day 1 series turner hill

Nikke Stiletto:  This is Nikke Stiletto and we’re here with my guest Glenwood Leylo.  Before we get started, tell us a little about yourself and your company, DIGIMOB Entertainment.

Glenwood Leylo:   Ok.  My name is Glenwood Leylo.  I’m the CEO at DIGIMOB Entertainment.  We do music, films, videos, etc.  I’ve been in the business about Continue reading

State of the Music Industry – Part II: Skibeatz

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Nikke Stiletto: We are here with my guest, the one and only, Skibeatz!  First of all I wanna thank you for being a part of my project.   And before we get started, tell the people a little bit about yourself and what you’re working on.

Skibeatz OK.  My name is Skibeatz and at the moment I am a hip-hop producer and, yeah, I produced a lot of records.  Mostly, known for records I did with Jay-Z, Camp-Lo, Curren$y, 24 Continue reading

State of the Music Industry – Part I: G’Sparkz

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Nikke Stiletto: I’m your host, Nikke Stiletto, and we are here with my friend G’Sparkz to talk about “The State of the Music Industry”.

So, let me begin by welcoming you to the show, G, and thanking you for being a part of this project!  And, for those who may not know who you are, help the fans get to know you by telling them a little about yourself and any upcoming projects they should be looking out for from you or from people you’ve worked with.

G’Sparkz My name is G’Sparkz. I’m a producer and songwriter.  I’ve worked and produced for French Montana, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Continue reading